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How To: Shave KW (Demand) From Your Commercial Building’s Electricity Costs

Posted by admin on September 3, 2014

Do you know the typical business in Colorado spends more every month in “Demand” (KW – the rate of using electricity) than consumption (KWH – electricity actually used)? An example of electricity demand is: Ten 100 watt lamps consume electricity at the rate of 1,000 watts = 1 kilowatt or 1 KW of demand. If these 10 lamps are on for 1 hour they consume 1 kilowatt-hour, this is the other way utilities charge you for electricity; consumption or Kilowatt-hours (KWH).  

A primary responsibility for electric utilities in Denver, Colorado and across the United States through the 20th and into the 21st century has been to provide us with reliable electricity (at least, usually) which has required them to have enough electricity on the “grid” (the wires, transformers, substations, etc.) between your business and the electricity generation station to meet “peak demand”. In order to meet “peak demand” utilities estimate how much energy you and all other companies, homes, industrial sites, etc. will need at any given time. And, to be compensated to maintain the grid they (Xcel Energy  in Denver and across Colorado for example) add fees of $19.15/KW in the summer and$16.19/KW (rate plus taxes and fees) the rest of the year based on the highest 15 minute average KW level during every month.

During a recent month a ~19,500 square foot administrative building we are were brought in by the owners to work on in Aurora, Colorado, had a KW (demand) level for the month of 124 KW and a consumption level of 38,500 KWH. They were charged $2,374 for KW (demand) and 32% less for their consumption –or $1,627 for KWH. Another building we are working with the owner’s on in Denver, Colorado, a 52,000 square foot Assisted Living facility, had KW (demand) at 142 KW and consumption (KWH) at 54,240 KWH. They also paid more for demand than consumption; $2,722 for KW vs. $2,309 for KWH. In both of these cases, and most commercial buildings across the U.S., the rate and time when you are using electricity are crucial to determining your energy costs. It is particularly impactful if there are inefficient sources of electricity consumption in your building (HVAC, elevators, kitchen equipment, office equipment, etc.) running at the same time. The difference between running this equipment simultaneously vs. managing the timing of energy-use can mean the difference between $400 to $600+ extra each month (or $4,800 to $7,200/year) to your bottom-line.

With utilities determining your KW rate based on your highest 15 minute average electricity draw every month you can attempt to reduce your costs by guessing at what are the culprits are for your building’s high energy rates or you can implement a strategy of Real Time Energy Management[PK1] , such as Lightly Treading, Inc. uses in its ABC Package of service[PK2] . Real Time Energy Management is old-fashioned energy-conservation with the modern twist of using technology; monitoring of real-time energy consumption and demand in the building along with computer modeling of the potential savings associated with energy-saving improvements to your building.

With buildings consuming ~40% of all the energy used in the U.S., and 55% or more of this energy used in buildings being wasted, building owners have the opportunity to create a legacy. Creating a legacy for their children, children across the world and children of future generations by leaving buildings which are in the top 25% of all similar buildings across Colorado and the U.S. Simply by implementing a Real Time Energy Management strategy into your building(s), cutting costs by $1,000’s/year, reducing consumption by as little as 10% -which reduces the environmental impacts associated with the decreased fossil fuel based electricity coming into your building- you will own a building which will part of the movement to live sustainably and reduce dependence on energy from your local utility.

For more information check-out www.lightlytreading.com


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