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Commercial Services

Work with a trusted leader at the cutting edge of the industry.

At Lightly Treading we bring a unique perspective to the evaluation of commercial buildings. Our comprehensive approach to evaluating commercial spaces, using diagnostic equipment and building science, allows us to find complete, honest solutions for true whole-building performance enhancement. Read More.



Click here to learn about the CPACE service to roll the financing of your energy-efficiency and renewable energy improvements to your multi-family and commercial building.




Energy benchmarking is a rating system, like miles per gallon, that allows us to make “apples to apples” comparisons amongst buildings. We also run preliminary diagnostics such as infrared scan visual inspections to reveal issues with insulation, lighting, HVAC controls, and more.

Benchmarking the energy performance of a buildings is the first step to understanding and reducing energy consumption because you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

For those of you who currently own buildings in Denver, the City of Denver is now requiring benchmarking of utility bills for buildings that are 25,000 square feet and larger within the year+. Click below to see specific deadlines and information from the City of Denver. Contact us to help get your building benchmarked ASAP.



ABC Commercial Service

Learn how to improve the energy efficiency of your small or medium commercial building to reduce your energy costs.



Lightly Treading, Inc. Energy Management Services, in association with Power TakeOff

Power TakeOff delivers Powerful energy management reporting and monitoring solutions for you business. Learn more.