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Power TakeOff delivers powerful energy management reporting and monitoring solutions for your business. Receive whole building or detailed sub-metering insight into your energy operations to help you:

  • Manage and control usage and costs in real-time by optimizing equipment performance
  • Monitor and Verify Savings from Operational or energy efficiency improvements
  • Benchmark facility performance using ENERGY STAR portfolio Manager and get your facilities ENERGY STAR rating
  • Participate in demand response programs
  • Earn LEED credits for continuous interval level building monitiring
  • Track sustainability and budgeting goals with improved accuracy
  • Build employee awareness to promote responsible usage

With Power TakeOff you get access to 1 minute inerval-level information, including consumption, demand, power facto, and other variables.


"We've been using this at Visa for over a year now. It is an excellent tool, we use it a lot! It's one of the few out there I would back 100%" - Engineer, Visa


Using a mobile friendly, interactive web application, easily analyze your facility's enery use and identify saving opportunities. Review historical usage to identify trendsor patternes based on weather or building use to prevent future peaks. To help you make timely energy decisions, Power TakeOff also includes real-time alerts via email, text, or phone call, based on your custom energy thresholds. 

"It is perfect for staggering chillers and other equipement and optimizing your operations" - Energy Manager, Cushman & Wakefield


"Real-Time is how I save money. I can see what different operations use, and be alerted at set levels, so I can take action to avoid costly energy spikes." - Energy Manager, Vail Resports


Power TakeOff Features

  • Real time Reporting
  • Sub-metering
  • 1 minute resolution
  • Alerts to phone or email
  • KW, KWH, power factor and other Variables
  • Electricity & Natural Gas
  • Access via Smartphone & tablet
  • Manager multiple facilities
  • Energy star
  • Weather data & forecast
  • Data Normalization


Is Power TakeOff right for you?

  • Office Complexes
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and Municipalities
  • Multi-Tenant Customers
  • College & University Campuses
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Food Production
  • Resource Extraction & Processing
  • Data Centers
  • Peak Contorl and demand response customers

Intrested in PowerTakeOff?

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