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Work with a trusted leader at the cutting edge of the industry.


At Lightly Treading we bring a unique perspective to the evaluation of commercial buildings. While we believe in reducing lighting loads and updating mechanical systems, we also believe it’s important to address the issues of comfort and energy costs by focusing on the building envelope, i.e., insulation, air sealing, and windows.

We will target air leakage concerns, identify uninsulated walls, and provide unbiased information on the value of large investments in windows and new mechanical systems. Our comprehensive approach to evaluating commercial spaces, using diagnostic equipment and building science, allows us to find complete, honest solutions for true whole-building performance enhancement.

You can trust that Lightly Treading’s recommendations are objective as we neither sell nor install improvement products. We can however, connect you with quality contractors to implement improvements that deliver savings, comfort, and reduced environmental impact.

Read about the services we have available for commercial buildings and call us to get started down the path to cost-saving improvements that will reduce your bottom-line and create a work environment that is safer and more comfortable for you, your employees, and your customers.