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Projected REMRate Energy Modeling

Gain assurance early on that home specifications will meet your performance goals and requirements.

Lightly Treading RESNET Raters will perform REMRate home performance computer modeling from plans of:

Orientation and Overhangs
Insulation Levels
Windows and Doors
Heating and Cooling Equipment
Water Heating
Lighting and Appliances
Renewable Energy Options
Climate Specific Conditions

With an initial performance HERS score, our experienced energy rater can model any changes in performance resulting from various modifications and upgrades made during design development. Lightly Treading can quantify return on investment, utility bill savings and reduced emissions possible through quality building materials and construction practices. This information can be used for adjusting plans to optimize the home’s performance and meet or exceed code compliance and any additional performance goals.

Our RESNET Rater will notify you of changes that have to be made to meet 2015 IECC, other jurisdictional requirements, or other performance goals you have set as well as inform you of cost effective measures to enhance performance for your customers.