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Verification Inspections for Certifications

Lightly Treading staff and RESNET Raters are knowledgeable about the eligibility requirements for the following certification programs. Should you choose to enroll a home in any of these programs, Lightly Treading will assist with completing and submitting the necessary verification checklists. If there is a program you are interested in that is not listed, please contact us, and we will do our best to work with you in achieving your goals.



ENERGY STAR verification ensures that new homes are built with the environment and inhabitants in mind, by achieving lower utility bills and enhanced comfort. Not only does this program strive for a comprehensive approach to promote comfort, quality and durability, but it also exceeds many adopted Local Energy Codes.  An ENERGY STAR rated home requires completion of the Thermal Enclosure, HVAC Systems and Water Management checklists. The Lightly Treading team can assist at the beginning of the design phase or later during construction to help your home attain ENERGY STAR certification. It is recommended that we begin work with you as early in the construction and design process as possible.

You can learn more about ENERGY STAR here.


EPA WaterSense®

WaterSense is an EPA Partnership Program that has been saving water through marketplace product monitoring and newly constructed home certification programs. WaterSense partners with manufactures, retailers and distributors to bring water efficient products to the general marketplace. Your home can be designated as a WaterSense home by a RESNET Rater in as little as two hours if design criteria have been met. Such criteria include performance testing to ensure proper flow rates, low water temperature conversion, and adherence to specifications for appliances as well as adherence to design measures regarding landscaping and irrigation systems.

You can learn more about EPA WaterSense here.


EPA Indoor airPLUS®

Indoor airPLUS was created by the EPA to help builders meet a consumer preference for high efficiency homes with improved air quality. As you know, tightening the home’s envelope adds significant energy efficiency, but it also reduces the air exchange through the building shell. This can contribute to pollutant buildup inside homes, as well as mold and moisture problems. These can be avoided, however, by integrating indoor air quality protections with energy efficiency measures. Indoor airPLUS Construction Specifications include prevention measures addressing moisture control, HVAC system design and balancing, combustion pollutants, and pollutants associated with the off-gassing of building materials. Including Indoor airPLUS in your plan will show your customers that you not only care about reducing utility costs, but also care about their health and well-being.

You can learn more about EPA Indoor airPLUS here.