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Work with a trusted leader at the cutting edge of the industry.

Whether you are an architect, new home builder, remodeler, or retrofitter, we can help you to take your projects to the next level so that you stand out from your competition.

You have the power to deliver high-performance homes for your customers that:

  • Optimize comfort
  • Are energy-efficient, saving the owner money over the long run
  • And tread lightly on the environment by integrating green building practices which improve indoor air-quality while reducing Global Warming emissions to leave a better world for generations to come.

Since we began in 1997 we have continuously advanced our knowledge of building science practices and certification standards, allowing us to teach you how to optimize the performance of your houses. In addition to design consulting, we verify the quality of construction through inspections and diagnostic tests designed to confirm that your performance goals have been met.

Through our services we guide you and your clients from the conceptual to the final product, a higher efficiency home with enhanced comfort. Let us help you achieve performance levels on your projects that will have your customers praising your work, spreading the word to friends and future owners and thanking you for decades to come.

Lightly Treading has services tailored to fit the needs of contractors, builders, and architects who are focused on New Build Homes or Large Remodels as well as contractors who specialize in Existing Home Retrofits.