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Electrical Audit

Considering solar? Paying too much for electricity every month?

Our philosophy is to reduce energy consumption FIRST and then enjoy the savings. If you are interested in Solar the time to invest is after you have realized savings allowing you to purchase a smaller, less costly system.

Lightly Treading’s Electrical Audit can show you where and how you are consuming electricity then provide solutions to curb use. So you can pick the level of detail that fits your needs Lightly Treading has two levels of Electrical Audit available: Comprehensive and Basic.


The Electrical Audit is a simple three step process.

1.  Lightly Treading’s licensed electrician partner, Earth Energy Solutions, installs an electricity monitoring smart meter on your circuit panel about a week before your scheduled Electrical Audit.

2.  A Lightly Treading energy auditor performs a detailed analysis of your electric usage. The assessment includes:

  • Analysis of the data your new electricity monitor has stored since its installation.
  • Determination of your where and how you are using electricity. Your Lightly Treading auditor will systematically turn off and on areas of your home determining where ghost loads exist, where your large energy draws are coming from, and how much energy major appliances and basic habits are consuming. 
  • Your Lightly Treading auditor will explain their findings in a detailed report, including electric consumption and cost per month for various components of your home. The report will include recommendations on how to curb your electric consumption and potential improvements that can aid in energy savings.

3.  Lightly Treading shows you how to monitor your electric consumption using your new smart meter so you can work towards your electricity reduction goals.

COST*: $499. Only $349 when purchased in combination with a Lightly Treading Energy Audit



Use of an electricity monitoring device (i.e. WattsUp Meter) to monitor a selection of electrical items in your home. A report with information on the cost of use for the selected devices will help you target where you are spending your dollars on electricity and provide suggestions for curbing your use to lower your monthly utility bill. The Basic Electrical Audit is sold ONLY in conjunction with an Energy Audit.

$199 to monitor 8 devices
$149 to monitor 5 devices


Call Lightly Treading today to learn more and schedule your Electric Audit: 303.733.3078 


*Pricing is for homes with one electric panel and under 5000 sq ft. Call for detailed pricing. Travel fees may apply outside of Denver Metro Region.