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Home Energy Audit

Residential Building Performance Assessment (RBPA)


Service Steps:

  1.  Xcel Energy compliant audit including Blower door, IR, inspection of attic, wall and foundation insulation, assessment of window U-value and SHGC (estimate), inspection of space heating, cooling and water heater efficiency and assessment of lighting and appliances.
  2. Room-to-Room air-flow measuring of supply and return air throughout the house. This will include a True-Flow grid measurement of total system air-flow when return and supply air is not within 25% of one another; i.e., we measure total supply air at 1000 cfm for the total of all supply registers while the return-air is less than 750 cfm.
  3. Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) safety testing of natural gas or propane burning furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and ovens/stoves. Full testing will be done on atmospherically vented units as well as power-vented units. This will also include CO testing at the exhaust (if at ground-level) for closed-combustion, and high-efficiency to determine if there is high CO resulting from incomplete combustion of the fuel.
  4. This will require staff personnel to assess your home for up to a full 8 hour day plus additional time to complete and submit RBPA report.
  • The fee for this service will typically be $1,200 to $1,500  – with $200 back from Xcel Energy.


Optional Service:

When replacement of heating/cooling equipment is part of the homeowners goals, or we determine it to be a recommendation during our field inspections, we will perform one of the two following services:

a)     Xcel Energy approved block-load heating/cooling load spreadsheet calculation.  

  • This will typically costs $600 as a standard part of our service.

b)    ACCA (Manual J  compliant) approved room-by-room heating/cooling load calculation.  

  • This will cost $900 to $5,000, depending on the complexity of the house.