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Post Improvement Inspection

Did you get what you paid for with your new home efficiency improvements?

Take the stress out of wondering if your improvement contractor installed everything you paid for. Lightly Treading can complete a Post Improvement Inspection on your home to verify the work was completed as stated and provide you the peace of mind that your efficiency investments will pay off. For a fraction of the investment you made in efficiency retrofits you can be assured your investment was sound.

In our post improvement inspection we will review the scope of work provided by your contractor and inspect your home to ensure it meets expectations. The details of our inspection will vary based on the work you had completed but may include: measuring attic insulation, performing blower door tests to determine air leakage, use of the infrared camera to assess insulation and air sealing work, and more.

In addition to verifying your improvements we will perform a combustion safety test on open combustion appliances to assess if they are drafting exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide out of your home efficiently*. We will alert you if we see potential issues in need of repair by an HVAC contractor.

COST: $349**


*LT Combustion Safety Test does not guarantee safety of appliance or warrant continued performance of appliance. We always recommend the installation of carbon monoxide detectors in the home for continuous monitoring.

**Pricing is for homes under 5000 sqft. Call for pricing if your home is above 5000 sqft. Travel Fees may apply for homes outside the Denver Metro region.