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Xcel Energy Audit

With Lightly Treading you can receive an energy audit by the most experienced energy audit firm approved for Xcel Energy’s Home Energy Audit Program. And our advice is objective as we don’t sell products, only solutions.

Lightly Treading is approved to perform energy audits under Xcel Energy's 2012 Home Energy Audit Program. Rebates are available from Xcel Energy to help cover the cost of the energy audit. Visit Xcel Energy’s website  for details on eligibility. 

Infrared Audit/CAZ - Rebate $200 
(Must be an Xcel Energy gas customer or an Xcel Energy ALL electric customer to qualify for this audit)

The Infrared Audit is the most comprehensive Xcel Energy audit. Our auditors will:

  • Analyze insulation levels throughout the home
  • Examine age, efficiency, and general condition of your mechanical systems
  • Perform a carbon monoxide test
  • Perform a basic analysis of your utility bills (Please have 12 months of utility bills available for auditor)
  • Perform a Blower Door Test:

The blower door is a diagnostic tool used to target air leakage in the home. By using the blower door to depressurize your home we can measure the amount of air you lose through all the various leaks in your home. We will then walk through the home to identify the leakage points so you know what to fix. Air leakage tends to be one of the most significant problems in a home, and can adversely affect comfort and energy efficiency. Air leakage in an average home is equivalent to having at least a window open that you cannot close and it can adversely affect your insulation’s performance.

  • Perform an Infrared Camera Scan:

The infrared camera is a highly precise diagnostic tool that allows us to get a better view of what is happening behind your drywall. Without the infrared camera, our ability to identify insulation levels in your walls is severely limited. The infrared camera is used to scan your walls and ceilings, allowing us to see where temperature differences are occurring.  This gives us a much clearer idea of where insulation is present or missing and whether or not it’s working effectively.

A customized report will be provided that includes:

  • Details on what the auditor found in your home
  • Prioritized list of recommended solutions
  • Potential savings and pay back information on some improvements
  • A list of contractors who can help you make your improvements

COST: $449.00*



Blower Door Audit - Rebate $160 
(Xcel Energy gas and/or electric customers qualify)

The blower door audit includes everything from the Infrared Audit EXCEPT the Infrared Camera Scan.

COST: $400*


Upgrade to a Lightly Treading Energy Audit to add direct installtions of energy saving measures and additional safety testing.  


*Cost is for homes below 5000 sq. ft. Travel fees may apply outside of the Denver Metro Area. Call for detailed pricing.