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Retrofit Services

Work with a trusted leader at the cutting edge of the industry.

Whether you are an architect, new home builder, remodeler, or retrofitter, we can help you to take your projects to the next level so that you stand out from your competition.

You have the power to deliver high-performance homes for your customers .... Read More.


Post Improvement Inspection

Demonstrate to your customers your confidence and dedication to delivering high quality energy efficiency improvements.


Project Management

For owners of commercial buildings, and select residential houses, we compile proposals for:

  1. insulation & air-sealing
  2. HVAC
  3. windows
  4. lighting
  5. roofing
  6. solar from preferred, high-quality, improvement contractors.

Once the contractors are chosen, we also manage the scheduling of work, oversee building permit acquisition and completion, inspect the quality of the improvement work and perform post-improvement performance testing (i.e., blower-door, IR camera, air-flow, etc.).

For more information, please call Paul Kriescher @ (303) 733-3078 Ext. 301 or paulk@lightlytreading.com