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Work with an experienced partner to create, manage and improve your energy efficiency programs.

With over 15 years of working with home and building owners, developers, real estate agents, trade partners, and other stakeholders in the energy efficiency industry, Lightly Treading has the in-depth knowledge necessary to work with utilities as they define and refine demand side management (DSM) programs. If you are looking to launch a new DSM program or redefine a current program, we have the experience working with small utilities, (around 28,000 customers), to large utilities, (around 1 million customers), to help your program achieve success and buy-in by both your community and your customers.

Lightly Treading has worked with Xcel Energy Colorado, City of Fort Collins Utilities, City of Loveland Water and Power, and Black Hills Energy since their program inceptions playing central consultative and developmental roles with each. With years of hands-on experience and our multitude of industry connections, we are able to facilitate effective relations with trade partners and outside interested parties. Our goal is to be instrumental in designing program standards that result in high performance for building owners with realistic requirements for improvement contractors. We will work with you from one year to the next and one program to next to help your program adapt and evolve in an ever-changing marketplace, creating an environment in which all parties are happy with the wise use of the DSM dollar.

Whether you are looking for program design, management, or implementation of a specific component, Lightly Treading can help. We bring a balance of technical knowledge and program insight that allows us to alleviate burdens of program managers while facilitating efficient allocation of DSM funds. With Lightly Treading, you can be sure that accurate building science is brought into home improvements resulting in real savings for you and your customers. See our detailed service descriptions to learn more about how we can help you.

To learn more about our work with a major utility company see our Xcel Energy case study