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CASE STUDY: Xcel Energy, Colorado  

Lightly Treading was the exclusive program administrator for Xcel Energy’s Home Energy Audit (HEA) and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR ® (HPwES) program from February 2009 to January 2012.

To measure program success Xcel Energy hired a third party market research firm to survey HEA participants. Throughout the program the survey showed at least 92% of participants were satisfied with the overall service provided. In the second Quarter (Q2) of 2011, 98% of audit clients surveyed were satisfied with the service provided by their individual energy auditor. Needless to say, the program was a success.

Lightly Treading had responsibilities in the areas of Management, Implementation, Training, and QA/QC.


As program manager Lightly Treading tracked and reported regularly on program data, managed all aspects of a network of 40+ subcontractors, maintained program materials, provided feedback to enhance program success, and much more.

Steps made to increase success of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program resulted in a participation increase each year: with 50 post improvement inspections in 2009 to 136 in 2011. Contractor compliance rose from 33% in 2009 to over 70% in 2011.


Lightly Treading managed the delivery of nearly 10,000 energy audits and 329 post-improvement inspections with the support of a network of 40+ energy analyst contractors throughout Colorado. Approximately 60% of the Energy Audits were completed by in-house auditors. In addition to audit completion Lightly Treading was involved with details of creation of report templates and comprehensive program guides, as well as implementation of various special promotions and projects.


Energy Auditors were trained to perform audits to the same standards and level of quality as our in-house auditors through a comprehensive shadow and lead apprentice program.

Lightly Treading assisted in orientations targeted towards Participating Installation Contractors (PICs), maintaining active communications with PICs to ensure they understood nuances of improvement requirements for rebate dollars.


Lightly Treading developed a QA/QC process over the course of program that included regular report reviews as well as on-site shadows.


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