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Audit to Action Energy Advising

Lightly Treading can help home and building owners bridge the gap from Energy Audit to efficient space by providing assistance through the improvement process. This service facilitates completion of retrofits and realization of energy savings on an accelerated timeframe.

Making energy efficiency improvements can be a daunting task for home or building owners.

Concerns we have heard from clients include:

- Fear of “being taken” by an improvement contractor
- Unsure of where to start
- Confused by contractor bids
- Unaware of rebates or other financing options to help cover the cost

A Home Performance Advisor from Lightly Treading can address these issues by answering questions, contacting improvement contractors, reviewing bids, explaining rebates, and more. With the assistance of an advisor we have found that many owners are ready to take action and complete the improvement process; helping you realize the energy savings your DSM plan has set out to achieve.