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Program Management

Hiring Lightly Treading to help manage all or portions of your Demand Side Management (DSM) Program will alleviate the burden on your staff while multiplying deliverables.

Our experienced personnel can collaborate with you to define a scope of work that fits your needs and budget. As program managers we can track client data from energy audit to energy improvement, optimize contractor relationships, provide ongoing customer support, and provide real-time program data to Utility administrators.

We work to provide a program that meets your needs yet remains flexible – able to react to changes that arise in any market. Lightly Treading listens to feedback from home and building owners and occupants, as well as participating contractors. Using this feedback, we devise strategies for modifications that will make your program a true success for all stakeholders in your community.

Please contact Paul Kriescher if you would like to inquire further at PaulK@lightlytreading.com or (303)525-1158