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Rebates and Incentives

Below you can find rebates available for a variety of efficiency measures. Details on rebate dollar amounts, eligibility, and other rules can be found on the website links for the various programs provided. Lightly Treading provides this information as a resource to our clients and will try to keep our list as up to date as possible. If you have issues with any or our links please let us know.

Xcel Energy Rebates

Below are links to rebate programs available from Xcel Energy to their Colorado Residents. Xcel Energy has two different rebate programs. One program has a whole house comprehensive approach, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and the other program provides incentives for "a la carte" improvements, Individual Rebates.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®  (HPwES)

A comprehensive whole house approach to home improvements and rebates. Participants in HPwES are eligible for higher rebate levels than those applying for individual rebates. The first step in program participation is a qualifying energy audit (Hyperlink to Xcel Audit).

Individual Rebates

Central Air Conditioning or Air Source Heat Pump and AC Trade-In

Rebates for new systems as well as for upgrading old inefficient systems. A registered contractor must be used.

Evaporative Cooling Rebates or Incentives

Rebates for new evaporative coolers. Evaporative coolers are a great cooling option in the dry Colorado climate, not only do they cool your home, but they also add some humidity.

Savers Switch

Cash Back program for Earth-friendly load management device installed by Xcel Energy on your central air conditioner.   $40 credit applied to bill once a year, each year you participate.

Heating Rebates

Rebates for upgrading to a high efficiency furnace or boiler. A registered contractor must be used.

Water Heating Rebates

Rebates for upgrading to a higher efficiency water heater.

Insulation Rebates

Rebates for attic and wall insulation materials and labor: 20% of cost up to $300.
A registered contractor must be used.

Home Lighting

Compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs are available at lower than average cost, as low as $1 per CFL. Locations for recycling your used CFLs are listed at www.xcelenergy.com/BulbRecycling

Refrigerator Recycling

One operational secondary refrigerator can be picked up and recycled per household per year for $50 cash back.


Rebates for installed solar systems, based on size of system installed.


Ensure a portion of your electricity is generated from wind energy. Subscriptions are available for a small premium added to your electricity bill. You can purchase 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks for $2.16 per block *. A one year subscription is required.

*Rate is subject to change without notice. Please visit www.xcelenergy.com/Windsource for the current rate.

Denver Water

Denver Water offers rebates to homeowners in their service territory to install high efficiency fixtures and appliances both inside and outside the home.  Saving water saves energy, and may reduce your utility bills.  Learn more here or call 303-628-6343.

Black Hills Energy

Black Hills Energy provides a variety or rebates as well as a home energy audit program for gas and/or electric customers. Click to learn more.

City of Fort Collins Utilities

The City of Fort Collins Utilities has a large variety of rebates available for conservation measures including:

Efficient Lighting
Air Sealing
Heating and Cooling Systems
Appliance Rebates: Clothes Washer, Dishwasher, Toilet
As well as Zero Interest Loan Options.

Click to learn more.

City of Loveland Water and Power

City of Loveland Water and Power has rebates available to customers who have a home energy audit completed on their home by Lightly Treading (Link to Audit). Rebates are available for:

Insulation and Air Sealing measures throughout the home
Window Replacement and Window Films
High Efficiency Air Conditioners and other Cooling
And More

Click to learn more.

Recharge Colorado

Recharge Colorado is a non-profit with the goal of acting as a resource for the efficiency marketplace in Colorado.  The Energy Action Planner is designed to help you find rebates, incentives, programs, and contractors for your energy efficiency needs. Click here.

Department of Energy

Check the Department of Energy’s www.dsireusa.org site for comprehensive information about national, state, and local incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements.

Income Qualified Weatherization

Based on your eligibility and needs. Non-profit organizations and multi-family low income housing developments may be eligible for other weatherization programs. Visit www.EnergyOutreach.org for information.